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Koala Extinction

Koalas numbers are down by over 60% due to bushfires, urbanisation and deforestation.

Koalas are predicted to be extinct in New South Wales by 2050.

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The 99th Koala - Kailas Wild

The 99th Koala - Kailas Wild

In last summer’s devastating fires, Kangaroo Island lost half of its koala population, with many more left injured and starving. This is the inspiring and sometimes confronting story of someone who went to help and ended up a koala dad.
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A veterinarians passion for Koalas - Dr Claire Madden

A veterinarians passion for Koalas - Dr Claire Madden

Aside from the fact that they are so damn cute, they are pivotal to our ecosystems, they are an Australian icon and more importantly, no Australian animal should go extinct under our watchWith the recent bushfires we have experienced earlier this year, it has become evident more than ever that the koala is undoubtedly an Australian icon that is recognised around the world.
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Amaroo Aus - Why? Our story 🐨

Amaroo Aus - Why? Our story 🐨

My dream is to donate $100,000 by the end of 2021, whilst planting over 10,000 trees to create a mini Amaroo forest. The destruction of wildlife habitats in Australia is very real, an area the size of the U.K was destroyed in the past year. We want to save hundreds of Koalas and educate the world on the battle we face to save them
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